US District Court Documents post 2nd circuit remand
Kuck V. Danaher

Part 2 - After Second Circuit Court Remand to District Court

06/04/2010 District Court status report
08/03/2010 District Court Order
08/09/2010 Deadliness & Hearings to be set by 08/20/2010
08/20/2010 form 26(f) report of partie's planning meeting
09/03/2010 Kuck V. Danaher Amended Complaint filed
09/15/2010 Kuck awarded 2nd circuit costs for appeal
09/21/2010 Summons issued to defendents in Kuck V. Danaher
12/06/2010 States MTD to dismiss Kuck V. Danaher
03/10/2011 Opposition to states motion to dismiss.
04/20/2011 Plaintiffs reply to states Brief in support of MTD.
10/13/2011 Second amended Complaint filed.
11/28/2011 Motion to modify schedule.pdf
12/02/2011 States answer to Kuck 2dAmenComp.pdf
Depositions page
States Motion for summary judgment
Kucks opposition to states motion for summary judgment

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updated 06/21/2012