Lead up to filing & US District Court Documents
Kuck V. Danaher

Part 1 - Prior to Second Circuit Court Appeal
03/10/1998 Beal Memo weapons unit problems
05/14/2007 BFPE to Danaher on backlog issue

08/17/2007 Internal Affairs complaint filed against DPS

09/14/2007 Danahers response to BFPE May 5/14 Backlog letter

09/17/2007 Civil Rights Lawsuit filed against DPS

09/18/2007 Notice of Lawsuit against DPS to BFPE

10/08/2007 Ct Law Tribune Article

10/11/2007 Adams & Corradino END BFPE meeting after minutes

10/12/2007 Hartford Courant Article on meeting cancellation

10/15/2007 Hartford Courant Editorial on BFPE backlog

10/17/2007 DPS actively avoiding legal service

10/19/2007 DPS agrees to legal service

11/01/2007 Baird to Blumenthal on Adams letter of 10/11/2007

11/05/2007 Blumenthals' reply to Adams letter of 10/11/2007

11/09/2007 Hartford Courant Kuck remains on Board

01/22/2008 Kuck amends federal suit against DPS

01/22/2008 Baird answers states motion to dismiss
04/03/2008 Baird replys by adding additional defendants
04/14/2008 CT Law Tribune Article on strait shooters
04/24/2008 Baird asks for internal affairs documentation
04/28/2008 Baird recieves IA file (SFLU comments)
05/14/2008 Kuck wins FOI on renewal documentation
05/17/2008 Board Staff forced to release complaints about Kuck
07/18/2008 Baird files against DPS Internal affairs unit
07/18/2008 Baird files against Mazzoccolli with DAS
07/25/2008 judge dismisses due process complaint as futile
08/04/2008 Baird files motion to reconsider dismissal
09/11/2008 state objects to reconsideration
09/29/2008 Baird files 2nd motion to reconsider dismissal

Part 2 - After Second Circuit Court Remand to District Court

updated 04/07/2010

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