Documents of interest
Kuck V. Danaher

Note: Michael Beal worked in the Connecticut State Police weapons unit from 1996 to 1998
as a State Police "Retired-Rehiree". These documents shed light on the continuing problems
that exist within the Department of public Safety/CSP Weapons Unit.

03/10/1998 Beal Memo weapons unit problems
01/03/2008 Beal to Danaher in defense of the Law (part 1)
01/07/2008 Danahers reply to Beal on letter
01/16/2008 Beal to Danaher in defense of the Law (part 2)
04/18/2008 Beal to the Hartford Courant
09/23/2009 Hall on national legal considerations for SFLU
04/28/2010 Hall on SFLU considerations (eye opener)

Note: DPS looses FOI suit regarding permit renewal information
This raised the question of a potential cover-up refer to the sound file at

04/30/2008 Transmittal of Proposed Final Decision (FOI Commission)

Note: Detectives Karanda and Mattson were assigned to the Connecticut State Police weapons unit
This document sheds light on the quality of "legal advice" they provided citizens and
the lack of respect they had for State Statute as revealed by Legislative research

07/07/2008 Email from the Weapons Unit to a Mr. Wilson
04/10/2008 Legislative research document regarding permit issues
03/02/2010 DPS has no penalty for NOT following the law

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